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Spas & Massage Centres in Batam
Spa Center
There is a different in spa center and massage center by definition. The spa centres comprised of full-body treatments, (creambath) for hair treatment and other services such as manicure and pedicure and is restricted mostly woman or couples. Most of these spa centre has limited rooms and cater for regulars. A few spa centre offers all-in-one service such as hair treatment, hair coloring, extension and bonding.

For ladies, the favorite for locals are the creambath, manicure and pedicure as the rate is relatively cheaper in Batam as compared to Singapore.

Book early by appointment rather than walk in to avoid disappointment.
Massage Centre
Massage centre in Batam can be found in most shopping centre or a stand-alone building as they can accommodate 40-60 guest at one time. This centre offers only body massage, body scrub and reflexology only and open for single man, woman or couples. Walk-in are welcome but please arrange by appointment on weekends and public holidays as it is a favourite for the locals too.
Spa Centre offers a single room or a couple room with private bath  and is restricted for single man.
The place can be a bit noisy as the only thing that separates the guest from one another is the fabric material curtain that can be drawn aside as a 'couple room'. The masseuse also tends to get loud and chats with one another even if the curtain was separated.

Well one cannot complains, the massage in these places is relatively cheap compared to the spa centres. It can be fun, especially if you come in a group of friends. The initial 10 mins are usually chaos as the girls communicate with the guest on their requirements, but once they start focusing on your body, you can actually fall asleep for a few minutes only to be waken up by a tap to turn over for the continuing massage.

For the adventurous, you can just walk in without appointment, but it would be best to have an agent organised as these packages include  2-way land transfer, type of treatments that the guest would be expecting and a confirmed appointment!

Massage Centre in Hotels
Most 4-star hotels in Batam has their own Spa & Massage centre within the hotel premises, but the rate would be almost triple as compared to the spa centre located outside. The advantage : you can have your own personalized massage at the comfort of your own room.