Batam Recommended Eating Places
In Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and Batam, Cafés joints are now a norm and gaining popularity. You can see a few different Cafés in a single mall itself.

Cafés in Batam tends to be bigger and more spacious as compared to their counterpart in Singapore. Perhaps, rental and cost of labor are much cheaper in Batam as compared to our homeland.

Another distinctive features of the Cafés in Batam is that these outlets offers a wide variety of food and beverages. In fact, the Café in Batam tend to be a full pledged restaurants. Besides toast bread, coffee and tea, you can also order food like fried rice, laksa, noodles, soup, fried chicken, deserts, fresh fruit juices, and many more.

For smokers, cigarettes are very, very cheap. Unlike Singapore, you do not have to look for the yellow box on the ground for smoking area. As long as you see a an astray, you are welcome to puff and relax.

Seafood !
Special Highlights
s p o n s o r   t h i s    p a g e

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Eating Out - Cafés
If you enjoy the dining by the sound of the waves or under the stars and watching the ferry pass by, this is an ideal place for you.
Dining @the bay
A-must try makan places
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If you like to venture outside your comfort zone & try something more layback enviroment, you may like to visit Golden Prawn Restaurant at
Bengkong. Its about 20 mins from any Hotels located in Nagoya.
For those missing out on Chinese food, well - try out this new restaurant  conveniently located at Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre.

If you like eating outside with a Jaipong (traditional pipe music -quite therapeutic actually) wihile you dine, this would be a dining experience.

Diners have an option to dine in a normal restaurant sitting arrangements or, choose your own little hut according to your group size where you have to sit cross-legged on the floor.

It would be fun for the kids as they can run around the water-fountain and take photos while food is served.
The restaurant served Chinese cuisines such as roast duck, dim sums, seafood, and many more.
Bone-less Fish!
You can call Hann at (65) 97326014 for a chartered bus (available 12 seater onwards, or a chartered taxi to any of this places.
Golden Prawn Seafood
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Bone-less Fish
Tuck in your stomach with this mouth-watering fish dish. Your choice of BBQ, Grilled, Deep Fried or in its orginal taste. The fish undergo a process so that all the bones are taken out!
Grilled ChickenRi
This restaurant is one of few that has a recognized Halal Certificate. We recommend you try the Grilled Chicken or Nasi Timbel.

For Group - We can arrange Cultural Show while you dine!
Resto Ria is located at Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre. Other listed dish on the menu : Gurame, Ayam Penyet, Oxtail Soup and a list of cocktail (desert). Enjoy!
Serves lots of seafood dishes with a nice view of the coast.
Be greeted with live fishes. Yound and old will be entertained.One of the favourite dish - Sweet & Sour Garupa Fish.
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